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George jackson

George Andrew Jackson

On January 7, 1859  prospector George A. Jackson discovered placer gold at the present site of Idaho Springs, where Chicago Creek empties into Clear Creek. It was the first substantial gold discovery in Colorado.

Jackson, a Missouri native with experience in the California gold fields, was on a hunting expedition with Tom Golden and a fellow by the name of Blackhawk when he caught site of what is now known as Clear Creek. The terrain was steep and the snow plentiful so much so that Tom refused to go down with George. Jackson, accompanied by his dogs, left on his own. Two days later, digging in frozen gravel, he made his discovery.

Jackson kept his find a secret for several months, but after he paid for some supplies with gold nuggets, suspicions arose and  hundreds of miners flooded the area. The location was originally known as “Jackson’s Diggings.” Once the location became a permanent settlement, it was variously called “Sacramento City,” “Idahoe,” “Idaho City,” and finally “Idaho Springs.”


In 2008 Writer / Director Greg Markle approaced me with the idea of taking Jackson’s diary and making a movie about it, having particpated in earlier movies with him,(1980′s), I was very excited to get involved.

Watch the trailer below

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